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DSW - PayPay at Checkout

Over 3 years I worked on various UX projects for DSW and gained a lot of experience. A few of my favorite projects were: redesigned homepage, a Facebook page for LUXE810, a splash page for Miranda Lambert, a Facebook page for National Shoe Lover Day, adding a PayPal feature, adding a wish list feature, and DSW Inc redesign.

The Problem

DSW wanted to incorporate PayPal into their checkout process for guests, members, PayPal users, and non PayPal users. Since I was already very familiar with PayPal because it was my favorite digital payment option at the time, I started by looking at other ecommerce websites that already used PayPal.

Flows / Wireframes

Using a flow was important because the PayPal process was different depending on the user's decisions. It's also easy to underestimate a simple PayPal button without understanding all the pages it touches and understanding the user journey. After getting stakeholders in a room, this helped visualize the large task we were undertaking.


I enjoyed this project because it wasn't design heavy and it let me learn about the users journey. PayPay supplied us with logos to use and I wanted to keep our convention of radial buttons if we needed to add other payment options in the future.


Using Photoshop and simple click states, I was able to create a prototype to send to our outside agency to conduct a usability study.

Usability Studies

We asked an outside agency Lextant to conduct usability studies on the prototype we created. We sat in sessions behind two way mirrors, observed user behavior, took notes, and collaborated on the best course of action. We ended up changing the prototype, running it by stakeholders again, and getting final approval.


How do we know it was a success once we launched? The response on the DSW Facebook Page was overwhelmingly positive. This was my favorite project because all the shoe lovers flocked to the website, used PayPal, then gave us kudos on Facebook. Most projects end and you don't get that incite and that was really special to me.