Andy Phillips

I help fintechs create digital experiences.

I have spent the last decade working with Fortune 500 companies, building intuitive, customer-first designs. I am relentless in the goal of adding value to any product and creating a first-rate user experience.

What I can do for you.

I help businesses of all sizes research, wireframe, design, prototype, and usability test their ideal user experience. Whether you’re ready to get that great idea off the ground or want to build on an established product, I can help get you there. My sweet spot is turning complex problems into user first, straightforward designs that work for both you and your customers.

My process.

My job is to bring your vision to light. This starts with an understanding of your wants and needs. From there, I design and prototype to match the goal of the project, deliver a high-quality and user tested product, and continually learn from the data to ensure a positive result.

Understand & Research
Learn the problem you're trying to solve through conversation and research.

Wireframe & Design
Create wireframes of your idea for your approval then turn them into pixel perfect visuals of the problem you're trying to solve.

Prototype & User Test
Bring your idea to life that's usable and functional to get feedback from your users.

Deliver & Support
Deliver all of the assets to a developer and support them in their efforts.

About me.

My passion for creating an original and inspired user experience has led to work with a variety of national brands. Through consulting I help startups, family, and friends turn their creative and professional dreams into reality.

If you want to chat about a potential project, have a question, or just need some good travel tips, email me at I’d also love to connect via LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter.