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Lamden Wallet

During the cryptocurrency boom in 2018 I started following Lamden. It started off as curious about the blockchain and then grew into a relationship with the team members and freelance opportunities.

Team Size

Here's everyone who contributed to make the project a success. We had a small, but mighty team.

  • (1) UX Designer
  • (1) Visual Designer
  • (1) Front-end Developers
  • (3) Back-end Developers

Project Duties

  • Problem Statement
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Personas
  • Flows
  • Scenarios
  • Low Fidelity Designs
  • Prototypes
  • Interviews and User Testing (moderated and unmoderated)

The Problem

How might we make a crypto wallet more convenient for everyone so that we become the only crypto wallet you ever need to use to increase the adoption of Lamden.


I created three personas to fit the target demographic. We need a business professional, an investor, and a developer to fit these objectives.

User Scenarios

After research and competitive patterning, I created all the possible user scenarios Bob, Ace, and Max would need to accomplish in the wallet.


I created user flows for a first time user to make sure all personas had an easy time with their first experience.


After creating a flow I was able to start wireframes of the new experience. Since cryptocurrency and browser extensions are new to most users, I wanted to make sure I was guiding them each step of the way and gave them paths if they were confused or lost.

Wireframe Prototype

I created a prototype of the wireframes to share with the team to get feedback. Here's the prototype in Axure. Fast iterations are very essential to this process.

Usability and Interviews

Interviews were done over Zoom and Skype while screen sharing and usability was done using usertesting.com. All of the feedback went into further iterations of the prototype.

Visual Design

The design was created in Figma to help with velocity, speed, and collaboration for the design and development.


The Lamden Wallet - Browser extension is set to launch any week now. Stay tuned on the Chrome web store.